Welcome to my official website my name is Ryan Luciano AKA Cabellero! I currently DJ and Produce all types of music but my main genre is mostly 'House music' here you will find all my work and my travels through house music and connections around the globe. I just love playing and producing music and making it with my personal touches to give it that edge and make it stand out from its peers. Check My Latest Work.

So I hope you enjoy your browsing on this website and more importantly I hope you enjoy my Music and my Rework editions which are avaliable to download for 'Free' tracks such as 'Massive Attack' 'Underworld' 'Miike Snow' 'Gorillaz' 'SORN' and many more. I live and breath for Music and work in my studio which i use most days and of course when i get the free time. I'm currently looking into doing film scores as well as my mainstream music. A few years back Sasha described me as a great producer in Ibiza 2010 'Ryan Luciano He's Good!
My Tracks have been played by many Dj's including big hitters such as Nick Warren, John Digweed, Anil Chawla, Hernan Cattaneo, Anthony Pappa, Dave Seaman, Jimmy Van M and of course Sasha to name a few.

Signed Labels:-
Baroque Records / Lowbit Records / Stripped Recordings / Hype Muzik / Stripped Digital / Lowbit Records / Lost Language / Indigo Records / Phunk Solution / Groove On / Unrivaled Music / Sptrax / Dbeatzion Records / Endemic Digital / Divert / We Are Here Records / Tactol Hots / Soulfire Records / Hyline Germany / D&B Records / Celestial Recordings / We Continue Digital Plus many more.

Bookings / Promos / Remixes -


Here you will find my links to all my productions including original and remix work and tracks that are available on Beatport also they are available on Spotify, Itunes and many other online digital record outlets, plus my Mixes via 'Mixcloud' follow me below to keep upto date with my new sets and 'Live' mixes. My Beatport Here

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Ryan Luciano he's a DJ Producer Remixer and plays Deep, Tech, Progressive in fact most types of House music. Currently owning and managing 'Detour Musique, Divert Records' & 'LDR Light Digital' which are all independent "Digital" record labels. Not only does he DJ he produces music too, totally focusing on the electronic styles of house music, always looking for that different cutting edge sound when he produces, Ryan has had various feedbacks on his productions from many fans and DJ's worldwide.

UK's Ryan Luciano brings in a new decade with a collection of his own sound and producing solid quality Tech - Progressive house music. It seemed like any other year for Ryan Luciano but in 2008 he made he's move into production. Ryan a known DJ \ Producer in the UK from his local town Rochford, Essex, he decided to move away from the Djing in clubs & bars and concentrated on producing house music. That year Ryan moved on with his first release on his friends label 'Hype Muzik' and after making that leap to the label he soon started to produce many more records and remixes for various different labels global.

Ryan has played at many events around the globe all starting back in 94' but mostly played in London UK that's where he's main success has been, including many nights at Turnmills & Ministry of Sound with monthly gigs booked. Ryan has had a few of his own nights in London with nights such as 'Twisted' and 'Lets Connect' with both nights having a real successful run until he stopped doing them to move onto Production.

Ryan is now co-owner of his new label 'Divert' which is now running with 40 Releases in the queue ready to make there mark in the music industry. It's a success that is well deserved though, as the London \ South East DJ \ Producer has worked hard at creating the sort of electronic twisted tech sound that stands out from his peers. Building up melodies that take far longer than the usual eight bars to unfold, his productions sound less like tracks and more like masterpieces. Ryan is totally devoted to his music and enjoys remixing \ new projects and most of all being in his own studio.

Ryan's Productions & Remixes are now gaining recognition and support from some of the industry's top DJ's. Including Sasha / Digweed / Hernan Cattaneo / Nick Warren / Anthony Pappa / Anil Chawla & Jimmy Van M to name a few.

Mainstream Discography Playouts

Carl Cox supports 'Ryan Luciano - Le Freak' Remix on his 370 & 374 Global Show 2010
Carl Cox Sign's 'Ryan Luciano - Le Freak Remix' Revoultion Continues 2010

Hernan Cattaneo Chart & Radio Show Plays - Hernan Cattaneo HC - Charts in his April 2016 Chart
HC - Slacker - See The World Remix / Episode 258 / 2016 -
HC - Doves - Last Broadcast / Resident / Episode 235 / Nov 07 2015
HC - Temper Trap - Resurrection [Ryan Luciano Remix]
HC - Resident / Episode 126 / October 05 2013 Link -
HC - Ryan Luciano - Rio [Light Digital]
HC - Resident / Episode 070 / September 08 2012 Link -

Nick Warren plays 'Ryan Luciano - Morning Sun [Orginal Mix] Greece Nick Warren plays 'Ryan Luciano - Morning Sun [Orginal Mix] Soundgarden show Feb 2011

Sasha includes my Istanbul Remix on his Spring 2010 Podcast Mix
[Link] Sasha plays my Istanbul Remix – Mexico, Woda 2010 Sasha plays my Istanbul Remix – Mansion & Shine in Miami 2010 [Ryan Luciano Links]




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